Carska bara („Emperor’s pool”) is a nature reserve, named after Austro – Hungarian crown prince Franz Ferdinand, who had hunted several times in this area, staying in the „Kaštel“ castle.

– Visit to the churches of Ečka, on the way to „Carska bara“
– Ship cruise and „Carska bara“ tour
– Picnic on „Carska bara“


City centre sightseeing: City Hall, City Garden, Court House, bridges, parks, theatre, Benc’s House, Šeherezada, churches, visiting the museum
Organized refreshment in Zrenjanin beer-hall (on the terrace or inside)


The „Kaštel” castle is built on the soil of one the biggest hunting grounds in Serbia (“Begej” hunting ground). It has an area of 124.038 hectares and 110.000 hectares of the area are set for hunting. Hunting tourism is quite developed, especially:

– Spring hunt: roebuck
– Summer hunt: quails, turtle – doves, collared – doves, ring – doves
– Autumn hunt: wild ducks


The “Kaštel” hotel is also very near the rivers Begej, Tisa and Tamiš, as well as other water areas, and that is the reason why it is an ideal location for passionate and demanding fishermen to satisfy their needs.